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If anyone in your household  has symptons or has been told to isolate please do not attend any training sessions. 

Nairn Success - Glasgow June 2019

Well done to all our swimmers who exceeded expectations at the 2019 Scottish National & Age Group Open Synchronised Swimming Championships. The team won many Age Group and Scottish National titles and did exceptionally well in the open section as well as Scottish events!


Welcome to Nairn Synchronised Swimming Club

Nairn Synchro Club is the only synchronised swimming club in the north of Scotland and has members from a wide area across Highland and Moray. The Club is always keen to have new swimmers (age 8:plus), Please get in touch to find out more.

We also welcome volunteers to gain coaching qualifications  a rewarding experience, again please get in touch.


A small team but very successful!

Nairn Synchro won the Podium Award  for the second year runnng at the 2019 Scottish National & Age Group Open Synchronised Swimming Championships in June 2019.

This award is for the club with the most swimmers in placed  1st , 2nd and 3rd overall.

The photo shows the 2019 team.

Some photos from a very successful Scottish National & Age Group Open Synchronised Swimming Championships (June 2019)

Well done to our team of swimmers who exceeded expectations at this competition! 


Scottish Junior duet winners: Neilson Plates: Bethany and Niamh

Hazel: Portsmouth Trophy: 12 and under Solo, open and Scottish

TheCombo team, Avril Dempster Trophy, 1st in Open and Scottish National winners, Corin, Paige, Ann

Bethany - Scottish Junior free solo and Senior free solo: Berlin trophy and Helen Murray trophy

Nairn synchro's 12 and under team 1st Scottish

Synchronised swimming

Synchro is the most creative and challenging of all the aquatic disciplines and is great for all ages. It combines swimming, dance and gymnastics and is a great way to improve core strength and flexibility.  It is not just for women. Since 2015, synchro has become a mixed sport, from domestic to international competitions.

At Nairn Synchro everyone is helped and encouraged to reach their full potential. The club trains regularly and swimmers compete at all national levels . 

Swimmers are part of a team, and the skills they learn as both team players and individuals will be key skills for life.

Click here to find out more about synchronised swimming.

Contact us to find out more about joining Nairn Synchro. 


Sport has been one of the most important socio-cultural learning experiences for many years. Our swimmers learn essential life skills such as hard work, patience, persistence and how to respons positively to setbacks and failure. 


Nairn Synchro relies on fundraising to support the club. It is run entirely by volunteers and funding is needed to support training, access competitions and for equipment.

We would be grateful for any sponsorship to help the club, please get in touch if you can help. Thank you.