Nairn Synchro - Club Kit


Nairn Synchro swimsuits with club logo are available at £20.00 each all sizes or available to order.

Swim suits £20.00

Silicone Swimhats with logo - £5.00

Hoodies with logo sizes 9/11, 12/13, small, medium - £25.00

T Shirts with logo £14.00. As above

Black figure swimsuits,goggles etc. at club rates can be ordered at least 2 weeks notice.

Noseclips the cheapest in town! £3.00

BAGS: with logo £25.00

Towels: with logo £20.00


Please order by email or text 07813 855615


Competition Kit

This kit is for a complete competition figures and free swims:

Black Costume

White Hat

Club Training Costume and club hat

Club Polos

Club Sweat or Hoodie

Black or blue shorts or track bottoms


Bun nets, gelatine, kirbies, lots, short ones, bands to hold hair, bowl and brush for gelatine,  make up.


Solo suit and headress